Level 1-2 Classes FAQ

Level 1-2 Classes FAQ

NLG Energy Source Global would like to provide everyone answers to all the frequently asked questions

Questions for Level 1-2 Classes

There are 10 exercises in all. Learn which grade level you practice the correct formula for that grade level and only take an online class to practice effectively.

* Lớp 1, gồm 3 bài tập
  1. Lessons of Practice Stem Cell Stimulation for yourself
  2. Lessons of Self-healing practice
  3. Lessons of Direct Healing Support for family members
* Lớp 2, gồm 7 bài tập
  1. Lessons of Practice Stem Cell Stimulation for yourself
  2. Lessons of Self-healing practice
  3. Lessons ofDirect healing support for people around
  4. Lessons of Support for healing from afar for people around
  5. Lessons of Support for Healing for the Deaf
  6. Lessons of Support to Heal Diseases related to the Nervous System
  7. Lessons of Practice Sensing Your Loved Ones With Love Energy
Receive 3 times in a row, each time lasts from 3 to 5 seconds, sends 3 times in a row, each time lasts from 3 to 5 seconds. The rest of the time is just the Step 4 practice.
5 minutes 30 seconds is the time NLG has studied, standardized for receiving enough energy to stimulate cells. More time is disruptive, less is ineffective. This is the time as the principle of “mother hen incubating eggs”, must be 21 days, enough temperature of the mother hen, from the new egg hatched into chicks. At higher grade levels (Level 3, Level 4), when the student’s energy frequency is higher, the time is adjusted less.
Each NLG session usually has 3 important parts:
  1. The Instructor activates brains or stem cells for students at each grade level. Upon activation, there will be specific instructions (only students currently in this class will be activated).
  2. Students practice the technique in class, as well as at home (only students currently in this class can practice this technique).
  3. The Instructor imparts healing energy to balance (balance) the energy to cells that are disturbed, showing signs of an underlying disease (all students currently or previously in the classes of 2-3-4 can receive this energy).
In principle, when the Trainer transmits energy, everyone receives it, but due to the different sensor system, each person will have different feelings. Less potential disease – many people have it. When cells receive energy, very subtle small impulses take place in each cell of the body and cause external manifestations. For students with great underlying disease, during classes 1-2 when receiving energy, or during exercise, there are often manifestations such as numbness, cold, slight shaking, skin itching, shivering, chest tightness, sleepy, tired… After a few days, the body’s balance will disappear. People with little underlying disease often feel light, warm energy, after receiving, or after exercising, they feel alert and healthy. Practicing the right formula, enough time, regularly every day, cells gradually stabilize, there is always a feeling of warmth in the shoulder, neck and entire spine.
Looking at the Instructor’s forehead 1 minute 30 seconds is the first and most important practice of the course. At that time, the student’s brain is activated to absorb energy throughout the whole process later. It is the same operation as “connecting to wifi”, and the Instructor only connects once, everyone who is studying is also connected. When you warm up, you are “connected to wifi” and receive energy.
NLG energy is a trans-space energy source, so it does not need to be seen by the transmitter. Just imagine receiving energy from the transmitter, focusing and feeling it.
The technique for practicing NLG is not to read, but to practice it by thinking and thinking. When practicing the formula, after 3 times of Receiving and 3 times of Sending, the remaining time is to practice only Step 4.
To get brain and stem cell activation, you must attend NLG classes. From the activation connection of the Instructor in the classroom, the new practitioner achieves results. So self-exercise without being activated has no results. Unactivated people will not have a “connection” to receive energy. The wrong practice will damage cells, damage the energy of the body.
There is no need to imagine what the energy of outer space is like. Just follow the steps as directed in the recipe. For example: When receiving NLG 3 times in the brain, focus on the brain, whispering in your head the sentence “Receiving the first time…”. Visualize, imagine by thought, wherever you focus, the energy will be there.
Breathing in is receiving oxygen, the NLG method is not mixed by the way you breathe, while doing NLG you sit and breathe gently and naturally as if you were still breathing. Imagine, imagine following the steps guided in the formulas. If you practice while breathing deeply, watching your breath, you may lose focus in the area where you need to focus energy. In addition, there may be chest heaviness due to too much energy being put into that area.
It’s okay, while receiving NLG, you can blink.
If you focus at 1 minute 30 seconds, then you have already activated the 2nd layer frequency. After the lesson, you can practice the 2nd grade formula.
Pregnant people learn NLG very well. When practiced well, the mother is healthy, the fetus is healthy. In addition, you will learn how to support your baby’s energy on a daily basis. (read detailed instructions in question 10/section V)
If the level of depression is mild, she can understand the lecture and when practicing to follow the instructions properly, she should continue to study. It’s normal for depressed people not to feel energetic. Still let her continue to study because in each class, there is a part of healing energy for all students to improve their health and spirit. Elderly people practice NLG very well, which will help improve common health problems such as knee pain, high blood pressure, etc.
If your husband does not believe it, you have not signed up for a class to give birth to a smart child. However, after 2nd grade, you can use the formula to transform your beliefs with your main love energy. When the husband believes, both husband and wife will finish grade 3 and will register for a class to have a smart child.
Cosmic Energy is a source of energy with a soothing frequency. Only when the receiver is in a state of balance and concentration will receive energy. When stressed, anger will not be connected and there will be no original energy into the body, so there is no destructive or harmful condition to the body. Science has shown that great anger will cause the body to release substances that are harmful to its own health.
By the end of 2nd level, it is possible to heal yourself and others, but at a limited frequency, especially some serious diseases, it is not yet supported. If possible, you should continue to take higher classes to improve the frequency and have more formulas to apply to yourself and help others to be more effective.
Trống Đồng is an iconic image and the original energy is energy from outer space, so buying pictures doesn’t work.
While receiving NLG, you should focus on getting NL, not thinking about other issues that will lead to being dominated and will no longer be effective. After receiving energy, you can still pray according to your religion without any problems.
Currently, there are many different religions with different learning systems. NLG is not a religion, so when coming to NLG, practitioners can still follow their religion. The simple reason is, the frequency +1-1 in NLG is not related to religion, it is only closely related to the state of mind, towards achieving friendliness, gentleness, love and morality. During practice and at any time of the day, you should let your mind relax, let go, and spread love throughout your body. At that time, you will have a soothing frequency that coincides with the frequency in space, helping the body receive energy for nearly 40 trillion cells in the body. When that energy is available, the cells will work effectively to help the body improve health and heal diseases.
During the healing process, your energy affects the energy radiated around the mantra, creating an aura, which is actually a false light. At that time, continue to focus on receiving energy, not being dominated. Stay in a balanced, peaceful, natural state to receive this energy.
The source of energy that you receive in addition to the name of the subject is called Primordial Energy, it is also known as Celestial Qi or etheric matter. Throughout the evolutionary history, our ancestors, the Masters, the Great Men, the Sages, and the highly cultivators have used this energy from the time humans appeared until now. But most importantly, who knows how to receive energy correctly. NLG is an ancient energy and it is important for us to know how to connect. NLG has a way to support students to get energy through each grade level so that we can improve our health first, and then improve our thinking to have a truly happy life on the planet.

Tuyên Bố Miễn Trừ Trách Nhiệm:

NLG là một tổ chức phi lợi nhuận. NLG cung cấp một phương pháp chăm sóc sức khỏe bổ sung/thay thế để hỗ trợ sức khỏe của người tham gia. Các học viên của NLG không phải là bác sĩ có giấy phép hành nghề.
NLG không thay thế cho điều trị y tế hoặc loại thuốc đang dùng.
Bất kỳ dịch vụ, đề xuất hoặc thông tin liên lạc nào do NLG cung cấp không nên được coi là chẩn đoán hoặc khuyến nghị dựa trên lời khuyên của bác sĩ hoặc chuyên gia sức khỏe tâm thần.
NLG không chịu trách nhiệm về tình trạng sức khỏe của người tham gia.
Tương tác với NLG là quí vị đồng ý hoàn toàn miễn trừ trách nhiệm, bồi thường, không gây hại cho NLG Energy Source, nhân viên NLG, tình nguyện viên và học viên NLG đối với bất kỳ và tất cả trách nhiệm pháp lý và chi phí phát sinh liên quan đến bất kỳ hành động pháp lý nào.