NLG Energy University

15300 Round Tree Rd
Valley Center CA 92082
+1 925-549-5759

California, 13/05/2024

Dear Potential Valued Shareholders,

We hope this letter/email finds you and yours healthy and safe. We are thrilled to share with you an exciting investment opportunity that has recently emerged at NLG Valley Center of Love. The acquisition of 110 acres of prime farmland, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards the pinnacle of clean agricultural products and environmental stewardship for NG Energy Source Global in the United States.

This expansive parcel of land presents a unique opportunity for investors to participate in the development and growth of our agricultural operations. Situated in15300 Round Tree Road Valley Center CA 92082, the farmland boasts fertile soil, ample water resources, and favorable climatic conditions, making it an ideal setting for cultivating a diverse range of crops and fostering agricultural innovation.

With this acquisition, we envision transforming the land into a model organic farm that exemplifies best practices in regenerative agriculture, biodiversity conservation, and community engagement. Our strategic plans for the property include:

• Organic Farming: Implementing sustainable farming practices that prioritize soil health, biodiversity, and natural resource conservation. We are committed to cultivating a variety of organic crops, including fruits, vegetables, grains, and medicinal herbs, to meet the growing demand for healthy, locally sourced food.
• Livestock Grazing: Introducing rotational grazing systems for pasture-raised livestock, such as grass-fed cattle, free-range poultry, and heritage breed pigs. By integrating livestock into our farming operations, we aim to enhance soil fertility, control weeds and pests, and promote ecosystem resilience.
• Agroforestry: Establishing agroforestry systems that integrate trees, shrubs, and perennial crops into our agricultural landscape. Agroforestry not only provides additional of income through timber production and non-timber forest products but also enhances biodiversity, sequesters carbon, and mitigates climate change.
• Education and Outreach: Engaging with the local community, schools, and organizations to offer educational programs, workshops, and farm tours. We believe in fostering a deeper connection between people and the land, promoting food literacy, and empowering individuals to make informed choices about their food and lifestyle.

As we embark on this exciting venture, we invite you to join us in realizing the full potential of this valuable asset. By becoming an investor in our farmland project, you will have the opportunity to:

• Participate in the sustainable development and management of the property.
• Receive returns on your investment through revenue sharing or profit-sharing arrangements.
• Support initiatives that promote environmental sustainability, food security, and rural economic development.

If you are interested in learning more about this investment opportunity or would like to schedule a site visit to explore the farmland firsthand, please contact us directly at 925-549-5759 or We are eager to discuss how you can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our agricultural enterprise.

Thank you for considering this unique opportunity to invest in the future of sustainable farming. Together, we can cultivate a thriving agricultural ecosystem that nourishes both people and the planet.

Warm regards,
NG Valley Center of Love